Crystals & Synchronicity

Photo taken by author. Model is Pyewacket the Polydactyl.

Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love of crystals and gemstones. I’ve never lost my love for these earthy beauties but I have not been working with them like I used to. I guess that is what happens when you’ve been in the metaphysical community for a while and you just go through the motions. I’ve been watching the scopes on Periscope by Analisa Rutstein and she discusses a difference stone about once a week I believe. After the scope she did on citrine yesterday I went into my magick room and found the big piece that I have and I’m trying to determine if it is heat-treated or natural citrine. They say the best way to tell is that it will be orange/yellow at the top and white on the bottom. Mine has gold and yellow all the way through and some black flecks all through the top and some rainbows in it. I’m not sure if it’s heat-treated amethyst or natural citrine but nonetheless it’s been hanging out at work with me today. I have an ametrine charm that my aunt made me as a housewarming gift that I’m carrying in my pocket today. I need to find a suction cup so I can stick it to one of my windows, I’m thinking in the dining room.
I’ve been feeling my emotions very close to the surface lately, I’ve been closer to tears and anger and quicker to react with them in situations that get emotional. I’m not sure what that is about but I am just letting the emotions flow through me and working with them. I’ve been doing a lot more walking and discovering my new neighborhood and trying to learn to trust my dog off leash. We moved from a house with three acres for her to roam and moved into a fenced yard that is probably less than .5 acres in the middle of town. I’m having to exercise her every day because even though she is 10 years old she has the energy of a small puppy. She gets so excited to go for a walk that she jumps about three feet in the air with all four feet leaving the ground. Last night we went to the park down on the river and walked about three miles and I let her jump in the river and swim around a little bit. I had her get in the car to leave for the park without her leash and when we got home I let her walk to the gate by herself; this is huge because normally she will bolt for freedom. She has been off leash at the park a couple times but only when I have someone else with me and then we get her to run between the two of us. I’m proud of her for listening and for myself for trusting.
This weekend I’m heading out of state to visit my aunt and her family down in Oregon; just overnight but out of town. I’m leaving my dogs with a house-sitter (my cousin is coming to stay with them) but I’m nervous because I don’t really let anyone besides my mom watch my dogs. It sounds paranoid but my dogs really are my babies and I just don’t trust anyone to take care of them. I bought my aunt’s partner a new deck of cards, Judy Hall has a crystal guidance oracle card that was just released and I’ve actually bought four of them. One for myself, one for my aunt, one for a friend and one for the cashier at Safeway because she and I talk crystals every time I’m in her line. Hopefully she won’t think I’m a stalker and just accepts it in the way it is meant. The cards are very beautiful and have some good information in the book that accompanies it. I will include a link to the Amazon page where you can purchase them at the bottom of my post.
I really feel like my spirituality and my intuition have kicked it into high gear lately and I know that it’s because I’m working at it. I feel good in this area of my life right now. I’m listening to my intuition and it’s leading me where I need to go. I had a thought the other day and followed it and ended up with some extra work on the weekends cleaning a house. I’m thankful for this because it will help me save up money to do some fun things this summer and work on fixing things at my house; even if it is just a little at a time. My intuition is also what led me to buy a deck of cards for the lady at Safeway. I just felt like she needed them and I wanted to do that for her. She seems like someone that would be fun to be friends with so I’m going to invite her to join the book club I run and see if she comes. I also reached out to someone that I’ve met once and invited her to come to the book club and a meditation group that my friends run. She said she had actually been thinking of asking me if I wanted to get together because she’s a fellow witch and new to the area. Synchronicity. It’s all around us and we just need to acknowledge it.

Judy Hall Crystal Oracle Cards

*This blog post is from 2016 and has been transferred over from my personal blog.


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  1. DGGYST says:

    OH my goodness, that’s my cat! Sorry, your blog just popped up in my reader and I was like =( my baby =( He passed last year.


    1. Awww I’m sorry. Pyewacket passed last month. He was 17 years old.

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      1. DGGYST says:

        Im so sorry! =(


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