Messages from Deity

I have recently had two experiences with beings coming to me. One was in meditation and the other was during a dream. The first experience was on my birthday last Sunday at the Many Gods West conference during a meditation that was led during the lecture on the Shadows of Discernment. The only part of the meditation that I remember was when we were told to invite in any deity’s we work with. I invited whomever wanted to work with me and build a relationship with me. When a woman dressed all in gold appeared to me. Before I saw this woman I saw a gold feathered hawk or falcon that flew in front of me and landed. I was standing on a hill overlooking a valley with rolling hills of green and a lake. I looked over and there was a woman standing in a flowing gown of gold with hints of red and amber. Her hair was long and loose and curly and it was a mixture of gold and blonde. She was very beautiful and had a gentle smile on her face. She didn’t say anything to me just reached her hand out and cupped my face in her hand and smiled. The name that came to me was Freya and my thought was, “Well, no I don’t think that’s Freya. I have no connection to the Norse path.” 
When I got home and began to look online Freya kept coming up in all of my searches about a woman in gold. It felt right and clearly She told me who she was, I was just being stubborn and thinking that someone else would come. At the moment I’m not sure where to go with this or where to look for more information about her but something that was said at Many Gods West has been in my mind since this encounter. One of the attendees said that her relationship with the different deities isn’t based on others experiences with them. It’s based on her relationship with them and how she experiences them. That resonates with me because one I don’t follow the Norse path and I don’t have an interest in it but I do have an interest in building a relationship with the deities that reach out to me. With the upcoming full moon this week I plan on doing a meditation to speak with Freya and find out more of what She is about and how to move forward with Her.

The other encounter I had was this past weekend during a dream that I had on Saturday. In my dream I was working on my new house (again not the house I actually live in) that was a very old farmhouse. It needed a lot of work but it was big and open and was located on an island in the middle of a river. It was a very quaint little town that reminded me of Lily Dale, New York. My former mentors were coming to visit me and anyone travelling to the town has to come by boat. They arrived and had another person with them but I didn’t really hear from him or get very good details of him. He was kind of blurry to me at that point. They just referred to him as their godfather and he followed us through the house as I showed them each room. Brian was the person that mostly was speaking out of the three of them. Tricia was preparing for an upcoming ceremony and had taken a vow of silence and didn’t say anything until they were leaving. I can’t really remember much of what either one of them said but the general feeling I got was about following my heart and not listening to outside influences about who I was. When they were all preparing to leave we headed out to the riverbank where they had tied up their boat and Brian and Tricia got into the boat and left the man standing with me on the land. He said that I could call him Papa (he had a bit of an accent) but it wasn’t like he was calling himself my Papa it was more like a title. He was an older black man in his 70s with slightly rounded shoulders that were hunched forward. He had silver hair and whiskers although not much of either and he was dressed very nicely. Black dress shoes, black slacks, a crisp white shirt with suspenders on and a bowler hat. He had a very nice smile and laugh and was just very warm and comforting to be around.

Yesterday I went into a meditative state and met him again by the riverbank and we sat and talked. He said he as there to guide me and I asked why he had chosen me to guide and he said, “Because child, you’re mine.” I asked if we had every been related and he said no. I asked how I would know when he wanted to speak to me and he said he would leave me a feather. I have been seeing feathers everywhere for the last almost two weeks I would say. I asked if he was the one leaving me feathers and he just smiled at me. I asked if he wanted anything from me like offerings (at this point I’m not sure if he is a deity or just a regular guide) and he said, “No, I just want you to remember me.” I asked what I should do if I need to speak to him and he said to come to “our place” and he will be there. He gave me a big hug and it felt so wonderful, just like I used to get hugs from my uncle and my grandpa. At that point he stood up and turned into a crow and flew off, leaving behind another feather.

I really feel like I’m opening up to spirit/deity communication a lot lately and have been having more experiences that are different from what I used to experience. One of the things that I was reminded of this weekend was when I was putting coffee out on my ancestor altar for my weekly offering to my ancestors. The woman that told me to do this had given me a reading and she is in the Lucumi religion which deeply venerates ancestor worship. She had asked me if I had a place set up for my ancestors which I did (this was something my former mentors instilled in me as they are from the Palo tradition). The woman asked if I had been neglecting the ancestors and I said yes which is when she told me to start putting out coffee. She said, “You’ll be amazed at how your interactions with the spirit world change when you start making regular offerings.” I’ve been doing this for the last six weeks I think and things have definitely changed since them.

*This blog post is from my personal blog during 2016.


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