Day 4: Setting Your Intentions

I am a big fan of lists. I love the satisfaction of checking items off my to do list and I get the same satisfaction from setting intentions. There are so many different ways that you can do this. One of my favorite ways to set intentions is to write them down in my day planner at the beginning of the cycle I’m working in. It could be for one full/new/dark moon phase, a quarter, six months or even a year. Whatever the timing is I like to write out a list of my intentions for that time period so that I can reflect upon them as the cycle progresses. Often times I will also make a board to put up on my wall so I can visualize it. I will put photos and clippings that reflect my goals so that I can get the mental picture in my mind every time I see it.

For the new moon I often will write one intention to manifest by the next new moon and I will hold onto that paper and once it has manifested then I will burn the paper in my cauldron to release the energy. If it doesn’t manifest then I go back and ask myself if I really wanted it in the first place and if I was putting in the work to make it happen. If I really believe that I still want that then I will write out the intention again and start a new cycle for it. Otherwise, I will move on from it.

My intention for this month’s challenge is to heal and forgive the emotional wounds that I have been carrying around because of my interactions with one person. I’m tired of holding space for those negative emotions in my heart and soul and I’m ready to move on. It doesn’t matter if that person wants forgiven or if they even think they have done something hurtful to me. Forgiveness is for me because I need to heal and let go. Holding onto the bitterness is not doing me any favors.

Tonight I plan on writing a letter of forgiveness; I am going to talk about my plans of letting the pain & hurt go and at the end of the month I plan on burning the letter and taking the ashes to running water to release them with any lingering emotions I may have about the issue. I am ready. That is my intention.



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