Day 6: Shielding

         Shielding with the Disco Ball of Love

Yes, there is seriously a Shielding practice called this. I know because I helped to name it. The DBoL is a simple act but effective. When you’re in a situation where you feel you need psychic protection the best thing you can do is to shield your energy and auric field from anyone seeking to harm you or steal your energy. This is basic witchcraft and extremely important if you’re going to be working energy in a magickal sense. 

To use the DBoL ground and center yourself first. This is especially important if you’re in a situation where you are stressed out or afraid. Take a few moments to find your breath and notice it. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. After you are calm then you will begin to see a disco ball spinning around you. You are within the mirrored ball and you can see outward but nothing can see inward at you. All they see is their own reflection. You are safe and protected inside the DBoL; it’s glass is impenetrable and nothing can get to you. This shield is there whenever you need it. All you need to do is bring it up in your mind and envision it circling and protecting you. Practice this in many different situations so you are used to pulling it up seamlessly; it doesn’t help you to never practice with it or only practice it when you are in a quiet place. It’s good to practice these things in a noisy and chaotic environment as your skill progresses so that you are not easily distracted.

If you want you can add these words to your DBoL: “All bad aimed at me, send it back three times three. If it comes from the blameless hearted, send it back to where it started.”

*This chant was created by Zetow and the DBoL was adapted and renamed by a group of witches that are known as Hawthorn. Their names will not be mentioned for privacy reasons but their contribution will be acknowledged.


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