Day 9: Daily Practices

Today is all about you and what you do on a daily basis to acknowledge and bring in the magick to your every day life. The great thing about this is that it does not need to be difficult! One of my daily practices that I love to do is pull a tarot card for the day and set an intention for that day. Sometimes it is spot on and other times I go in a completely different direction.
Try something new today! Take a few moments and check out the tips and links sent to your email from Plentiful Earth and choose one item to do for the rest of the week. Put some Reiki energy into your morning coffee or tea, sit outside and listen to the sounds on the air, run through a couple sun salutations before you hit the shower. Whatever it is, just give yourself a few moments to honor your sacred connection to the Divine before you begin your mundane day.

Sun Salutation for Beginners


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