Day 11: Write a Spell

Spell to Forgive
This month my intention is forgiveness. It’s probably one of the hardest things for me so I know that it is also one of the most important. Forgiveness is about releasing the anger and pain surrounding a person or situation and not letting it continue to affect you. So many people, myself included, have always felt that when you forgive a person it means you are condoning what they did and that is far from the truth. Forgiveness is for YOU to allow yourself to begin the healing process. This spell is one that I have created to assist me in releasing and forgiving.


  • A flower-Peony or rose would be a good choice (either white or pink)
  • Dried or fresh lavender (For forgiveness)
  • Sandalwood (powdered or slivers)-For Healing
  • Moonstone
  • A small bag to carry your herbs and stone in


Set your sacred space however your tradition calls for it. Invite any guides, spirits or deities you work with for healing in particular and then ground and center yourself.

Take a few moments to just breathe and focus on your intention of forgiveness. Then assemble your ingredients on your altar or works pace. Rub your hands together briskly until you feel a pulsing energy coming from them. Hold your hands out over each item individually and infuse them with your intention to forgive. Allow it to come up from deep within you and flow out through your hands and into the herbs and stone. If you feel emotions come up allow them to release. If you need to cry or yell go ahead and do it!

When you feel complete and that the items have been properly infused with your forgiving and healing energy then take your hands and hold them to your heart and send that energy straight into the heart chakra and say:

“I allow myself to forgive ________.

I allow myself to heal from this emotional    wound. 

I will no longer allow _______ to follow me around and continue to take my time and energy. 

I forgive _________ and I released its/their hold on me.

As I will it, so mote it be!”

As you finish reciting the last line of the spell you can begin to place the herbs and stone inside the bag you have to carry them in but keeping the flower out so that you can leave it on your altar as an offering. Tie the strings of the bag three times and then leave the bag on your altar overnight. Close your sacred space by saying thank any spirits/guides/deities that you may have invited for joining you and release your space/circle.

The next day you will want to begin carrying the bag with you, either in a pocket, purse, or backpack. When you need the support you can take the bag out and hold it in your hand and just remember the intention you set. Don’t forget to ask for help from others or talk if you’re struggling. This isn’t an easy process and it can take time.



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